Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just Write!

I’ve always been a writer... still have all of my journals starting from third grade where my first entry was about the neighbor having chicken pox. Words, pens, paper, books, all enhance my life and I wish I could live in isolation, just writing and reading. Like this entry, I am writing whatever pops in to my head because I don’t do that enough. I try too hard to make it perfect, to create a masterpiece on the first try. That pressure prevents me from trying at all. Too many reservations, expectations, and determinations. Attention Deficit Disorder doesn’t help! But other writers write all of the time with kids screaming and dinner cooking, they find ways thus so should I. After all, my entire life, people have complimented my writing, calling it a “gift” and “talent”. I need to do more with it, not just use it for myself. So that’s what this section is for, to broadcast my writing to the world of agents, publishers, etc.
This part will be brainstorming free-thinking, which could be seeds for articles and books. It’ll be a way to keep myself accountable to write something... anything, just get words down and be A WRITER.

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