Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hard Way is Easiest

The more I learn about Jesus and his commands, the more I want of Jesus and his commands. I use to think I had to follow a bunch of rules in exchange for being a Christian, kind of like a pay off. I could live like I wanted to, having fun and feeling good, or I could be a good girl, follow the commands in the Bible, and be at church whenever the doors were opened. The first way was the easy way, while the second was the right way.

I was so wrong. Following Jesus and his commands is the easy way because he gives us directions for living in a way that we not only avoid the painful consequences of our own selfishness, he guides and loves us along the way. His Holy Spirit reveals what truly matters, giving life and its struggles meaning, encouraging us to press on to the ultimate prize of spending eternity in heaven.

Jesus gives a simple (but not easy) guideline for daily living in Matthew 6:33- Seek first his kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. The Believer’s Bible Commentary writes it this way- If you will put God’s interest first in your life, I will guarantee your future needs.

Life is hard enough without having to suffer additional consequences of selfishness and the desire for instant gratification. Life is much easier when we trust and obey Him upfront. Knowing he has the future taken care of allows us to fully focus on fulfilling His plan for our lives.

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JesieBlogJourney said...

Praise the Lord for this post.
We have a tendency to walk by sight rather than by faith.
A good testimony in my life is my following the Word of God not to be unequally yoked has filled my marriage with love and happiness beyond my imagination. I can't thank Him enough for giving me my earthly shepherd.