Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to Keep the Joy

The day after Christmas tends to be a busy day in the mental health field as people are dealing with let downs from Christmas, family conflicts, and returning to work (which is where I find myself). I’ve gotta be honest - I did not think this day would come when I had to return to such an oppressive environment. If I think about the reality, I will make myself physically sick, angry, bitter, and asking God, “why???”

That is how we tend to react to things seen, not knowing what God is doing in the background. If you find yourself discouraged today, let me challenge you to focus on the many reasons you have to Praise God and search his Word for direction, joy, and hope. In Jeremiah 15:15-21, Jeremiah did this as he was hated for no reason and suffered without seeing any reprieve in sight. While he did not understand why he had to endure such ill-treatment from others, he knew God understood... he knew God saw him staying apart from evildoers, and he found his joy in God’s Word.

Remember, when we trust and obey, the world may fight against us, but they will never overcome us.

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