Monday, February 4, 2008

How To's

Skeptics have commented people are using the Bible as a 'how to' book with issues such as money management and diet. They are saying Jesus did not intend for the Bible to be used this way.

Personally, my Bible is not only my 'how to' guide on ALL issues, it is my source of courage, comfort and strength. What the skeptics are missing is the teaching of the Holy Spirit who speaks through the Living Word. God gives us brains and discernment to be put to use... along with the Bible.

Here's a great site to help get you started in finding answers to your "how to's".

1 comment:

Susan said...

What do "they" know anyway? :-)

It's obvious they haven't tried taking the Bible at its word and seen what happened. You kow those little things like peace, guidance, and transformation to name a few.

It is my source too, Shelly.

Thanks for directig us to the verse index. This will be a good resource for me and to share.