Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ignorance Ignited

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Is it right to abort the retarded? They must suffer greatly, as must their parents, siblings and others who must care for them. Indeed, such care is costly to the family and, in many cases, the taxpayers.

There is no doubt that mental disabilities can and do cause suffering, not only to people with them but to those around them. But if you have a child with any type of severe disability, chances are you will feel a special commitment for life.

When mothers learn they are carrying a child with Down syndrome, 85 percent of them opt for abortion. In doing so, they are searching for that perfect infant who will grow up strong and healthy. But those with mental disabilities often give love that is sweet and pure. Their gifts are harder to see but no less valuable.

I'm not sure you can detect whether someone is blind or deaf before birth, but even if you could, such disabilities are not tragedies. (In my view no disability in itself is a tragedy; tragedies spring from reactions to disabilities.) People who are blind and deaf have many ways to cope. Indeed, many Americans who are deaf and use American Sign Language don't view themselves as disabled. They believe they are a cultural group. So to abort the deaf, if you could, could be seen as a form of ethnic cleansing

Responses included why would anyone intentionally bring a baby with disabilities into the world?

WHO told these people life was suppose to be easy? Do they duck out of responsibilities every time their 'world' breaks? How can anyone make such a monumental decision (whether to abort) on 'man's' discovery that a baby is not as it should be? Maybe if I was not a Christian, I would feel differently... for now, I thank God my mother wasn't too cowardly to face a challenge. Also, I hope the spouses & family members of such narrow-minded, abortion-trigger-happy people stay absolutely perfect or else they will be kicked to the curb as well.

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