Monday, March 31, 2008

Poem - God Speaks

Sometimes with words spoken from a friend,
Could be a repeating thought that never ends.
“Coincidence” on the surface it may seem-
When real life plays out what you dream.
Like a frayed blanket from days of old,
Comforted when you’re in its hold.
God’s presence brings a feeling secure,
Rescuing us from where we were.
-- SJW

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gillian said...

Everything has a time and season says the Lord. And this is a season for reaping and growing and building. For as the season of winter came and there was a time of drought, so now also is the time of harvest. For the winter left the land desolate and empty. It left the ground bare and cold. All building came to a halt and it seemed for some time as if nothing would ever come out of that ground!

Yet the new season has come, and with it a time of reaping and building and growth! Suddenly what lay dormant in the winter will spring to life as never before, and that which you labored for in the winter will now bear much fruit. For you labored hard and you went through deaths deeper than anything you have experienced before. Yet as the death was great, so shall the resurrection also be just as magnificent. For as harsh as the winter was, so also shall the spring bring forth a double abundance! For I am even now sending my rains and have put my seal of blessing upon you!

For you will see now with your eyes and hear with your ears and be discouraged no longer! For the Israelites born in the wilderness saw the desert for so many years they could not even imagine abundance! So have you also been. You have known struggle and suffering and lack to the degree that you cannot even imagine the bountifulness of this harvest!

So look up now to the horizon and see all that awaits. It is indeed a new day and season. It is the season of abundant harvest. So put your hands to the work and do not look back.

Do not fear the enemy for he is already defeated! Do not fear man, for he is nothing in my eyes. Do not fear your own weaknesses, for in me you shall be made strong! Do not fear the winds or the storms, for at my command, they shall become still. Do not fear your fellow brother, for even now I am changing his heart, and do not fear for you needs, for I have created an abundance for you.

Stand firm and step out now says the Lord. The time of hiding and slumber is over. The time of death is giving way to a season of resurrection and power where the world will know my power and my glory and you will usher it forth at my command. Rise up in your armour and rise up in my strength. It is time for my Bride to arise in power and in glory. Arm yourself and be ready, for I will move swiftly and in power says the Lord.