Thursday, June 26, 2008

Britain Beauty Contest

The New York Daily News announced Britain is having a beauty contest with contestants with disabilities. In fact, every contestant has a disability. I hate that. I think it is disgustingly putting people with disabilities into segregated groups of the 1960's. The aspect which bothers me the most is the article is written as if Britain's contest is a good thing.
'Britain's Missing Top Model' only features models with disabilities from around the world - including one from the U.S.. Among the eight lovely ladies who will duke it out onscreen are women without limbs, some who are partially paralyzed and one who is deaf.

Now, how is this a good thing? Giving women with disabilities a chance? No! In order to have a chance, we have to be included in the real world... the world of inclusion... with and without disabilities.
Yahoo only adds to the segregated sickness by adding a travel site and dating site for people with disabilities.

Hello?! While you're putting people into segregated groups, you all need to join the "Idiot Group"!

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