Sunday, June 8, 2008

Root Beer Reminder

Twyla went with me to try and exchange my shattered iPhone. Deep down, I believed I would be the exception, and Apple would give me a new one. I thought this would be a way God would ‘give me a break’. It didn’t happen. I was crushed. I was also very thirsty as the ordeal had me extremely nervous. We left the store with Twyla trying her hardest to encourage me. Finally, I told her it was very hard not to be mad at God. We tried to get some water but the vending machine was not working. I was getting angrier by the minute. My right arm has started hurting – not sure why – Twyla joked with me that maybe I am fighting God like Isaac did in Genesis, demanding God bless him. I have been waking up in a cold sweat the past three nights.

Our conversation continued as we exited the mall and looked for the nearest drive-thru with Coke. All the way, I told Twyla it’s not like I am asking for anything extravagant- just basic needs. God has promised to meet all my needs and he isn’t doing that. We paused as the drive-thru voice said they were out of Coke. I settled for root beer. I passed Twyla my last 2 dollars. The lady gave Twyla my drink but didn’t want the $2 since they were out of Coke. Twyla handed me the bills, drove away and said, “See – God didn’t give you a new iPhone, but he gave you a root beer!” We both thought it was a reminder – the iPhone is not a need... Quenching my thirst is. God keeps his promises.

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