Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Keep Fighting!

*I’m challenging myself to blog in order of my journey through the Bible starting with Mark. As I was making my coffee, I prayed God would speak to me with words that are applicable to readers instead of just me. He brought enough things to mind to write five pages! So for the sake of brevity and time, I am outlining a few in hopes He will personalize the points for your current situation:

The second half of Mark 1, beginning in verse 14, John was put into prison as Jesus began his ministry in Galilee. John, the man who prepared people for Jesus’ arrival and baptized him, was put into prison. He did what he was created to do yet still ended up in prison. Jesus did not try to rescue John for Jesus had other work to do. God’s will for our lives may be to end up in oppressive, deplorable states. Imagine John’s prayers – did he question God, saying, “I did what you told me, so why am I in jail? I thought you were a fair God? The God of justice??”

See, this is getting too long to make points, so you will just have to read tomorrow for the continuation of Mark 1. Until then, think about how unfair life seems sometimes, and no matter what you do, it feels like God is against you. Compare yourself to others and you will likely conclude there is no justice in this world…

You are right – there IS no justice in this world… But there will come a day when God will make everything fair, everything right… and He will remember how you responded to injustice, how you persevered even when life was unfair. And if John the Baptist were here today, I guarantee he would tell you it is worth it… to keep fighting, because nothing we go through on earth compares to heaven. God will settle the score.

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