Monday, July 21, 2008

Mountains, not Molehills

Several weeks ago, when I was not speaking to God, a friend made her monthly phone call to me. There was a time when we would talk several times a day, but she has wandered away from her relationship with Jesus. She still believes, but she no longer has the passion she once had for him.

As she asked how I was doing, I shared how I was going through a hard time and not talking to God. She was surprised and asked if I was still reading the Bible. “Nope, haven’t read it for 8 days now”

Interestingly, she wanted to hang out again. Phone calls started daily again. She wanted to pal around like we used to. At the time, I was even more anti-social than usual, not answering the phone, wanting to isolate, so she eventually gave up. She called again yesterday.

I told her how I am much better, closer to Jesus than ever before, reading the Bible incessantly, and no longer in a deep depression. She asked if my financial situation had improved, and was surprised when I told her it was worse because I lost my job and had no secure income. So how was I still glorifying God??

Because I know God is in control. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that whatever happens, He will never leave me. I imagine if I were married, it wouldn’t matter where I was as long as my husband was with me, I’d be okay. That is how I feel about Jesus. I am still scared, still concerned, yet I am secure knowing God is in control.

The enemy hates that. Just as my friend wanted to hang out when she saw I had turned away from God, Satan likes to mess with us when he sees our faith being shaken. Temptations, lies, and deceit appear more believable when we waver in our faith.

If we have faith, and do not doubt, we can perform ‘mountainous feats’ (Matt. 21:21). Get ready… you are about to witness some mountains move in my life!

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