Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Disney's Magic Kingdom

Was it just a month ago that I was ready to give up on life, feeling like a complete failure?
Unbelievable how my heart has changed.

I met a friend at Starbucks yesterday and shared a way she inspires me. She has been married to the same man for approximately 30 years, yet whenever his name enters our discussion, her face lights up like a school girl’s. Not only have I never heard her insult him, I’ve never heard her say anything but praise, admiration, and love for him. He is very much a part of who she is as seen by ways he helps her be who God created her to be. I think the secret to their success is loving God more than anything and followed by their love, commitment, and devotion for each other.
The way she talks about her husband – with an undeniable glow – is the way I want to be with Jesus. I want others to see how much a part of me He is through my words, expressions, and behaviors. When people think of me, I want them to see me as a woman who is becoming all God created me to be through my committed relationship with my First Love – Jesus. When I compared my friend’s relationship with her husband as an inspiration for what I want with Jesus, she said, “I think you already do that.”

There could be no greater compliment…

Looking at my life, the world would view me as a failure, a quitter, damaged goods whose life has soured. Even I felt that way a month ago. But you see, I have a much greater measurement of success after my recent downfall… success for me is having the world see Jesus as my partner, my companion, my best friend. If that is happening, I don’t mind being a ‘failure’ to the world… I’d prefer to be a success in the Kingdom.

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