Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey Shelly... It's Your Birthday!

Call me egotistical – I love August 24th! Maybe because I am uncomfortable receiving gifts/praise/outings on every other day, I thoroughly enjoy being treated to meals, gifts, ‘wherever you want to go’ on my birthday. And when friends give me something that obviously had me in mind, forget about it! Like Twyla gave me $50 to iTunes with a note “you can get the latest Def Leppard and Barenaked Ladies songs”. I love that she knows what music I like! And the card Amanda gave me had dolphins on it! Perfect! Bryn’s card was about buying a blank new journal… The thought meant so much to me. Michele and my landlord actually made me cards and Rob sang to me over the phone. It was all perfect. I feel incredibly loved. It was definitely a happy birthday. Thank you for celebrating my birth with me.


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