Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just For The Record

” If you seek to live your life under the authority of Jesus Christ and show the world that He really does care through you, then when you meet your Maker, on the day your faith becomes sight, He will gladly meet you and welcome you with a word of resounding affirmation, “Well done.” And who knows? The books may be opened and you’ll be invited to review what you did across the span of your life to make a difference and hopefully, at the end of the narrative about what you did, you’ll read some concluding words that may go something like, “And God saw that it was good.” Sound likes Genesis 1 doesn’t it? What you do can be good. But it is up to you. It is up to you.

-from Wonderfully Made for the Journey (Baccalaureate) by Jim Gentry

Can you imagine standing beside God at the end of your life and reviewing how you used the life he gave you?

Let me tell you, that is not something I look forward to because I have excuses for every season of not bearing fruit.

That was during a depression- I was fighting to survive.
Oh, and that was when I was shaking from the medications and couldn’t write.
That time, I was preoccupied with finding money to pay bills.

Geez. I don’t have good track record.

My brother and his family sent me some ‘birthday money’ to use for something other than bills so I bought a new Moleskine planner. Just like starting a new journal, the beginning of a planner is ceremonious for me in that I am starting with a fresh slate. The past is behind in another book, and I have pages of days waiting to be filled. This planner, I will view as “How I Used What God Gave Me”, a record of my life lived for Him. I don’t want there to be empty spaces with “depressed” or “sick” as the only entry; those words will still be in my planner, but I will have an arrow pointing to how I used times of depression and sickness to glorify God.

Among my daily, weekly, monthly and long-term goals, my all-encompassing, eternal goal will be to hear Him say, “Well done!” as he scans what I did with my life.

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