Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Poetry

I recently received a Twitter request wanting to know where they can read some of my poetry... THANK YOU for your interest! I am working on getting some up. Here's a couple until I get a collection together:

There were extended glances,
Stolen chances,
Words with hidden meanings.
Casual smiles,
Pretensive trials,
Erecting protective screenings.

His footsteps nearing,
Pulse raced upon hearing
Reacting as his hand grazed my back.
Concentration disbanded-
The enemy has landed
Preparing for another attack.

Danger ahead
The Spirit has said,
But, oh, how I want to keep going!
How soon I forget,
The days of regret,
And the mercy my Father’s been showing.

Written Rain
Rain – how it seasons the words that I write,
And it’s rhythmic beatings lull my sleep at night.
Inspires contemplation, my welcomed friend.
But when the beach is calling, the love of rain ends.
Isn’t this the way humans are?
Judging, perceiving based on motives and scars?
Consider the defining cause for one’s basis…
How little impact comes from external faces.

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