Thursday, October 9, 2008

13 Points from BSF

This is going to be short and concise… I feel the need to list a handful of points I learned from BSF this week, and pray God will speak to you personally through one, two, or all of them:

1. One ‘impossibility’ made reality through God’s power can create a new ‘normal’.
2. Throughout the Bible, it was on ordinary days, that God used ordinary things/people to cause an extraordinary event (i.e. Moses and burning bush).
3. Moses had ordinary days for 40 years in the desert alone until one day, God spoke and Moses obediently replied, “Here I am”.
4. Since God is Holy, we need to approach him in purity by asking Him to show us our sin and cleanse us from it.”
5. God uses impossibilities to get our attention, then meets us there personally.
6. Sometimes, God says, “Go back, start over, and this time… do it with me.”
7. His ways are not our ways.
8. Focus on God’s power – not your failure, reputation or performance.
9. When we are not focused on God’s power, we miss what God is saying, we miss the obvious.
10. He wants to have fellowship with us while he works through us.
11. God’s power comes with our obedience.
12. There is someone waiting on the other side of our obedience.
13. (saved my favorite for last) We either make God Lord of all, or not at all.

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