Sunday, October 5, 2008

80 Years Old!

Do you realize Moses was 80 years old when the Lord called him to do the work He had for him? He spent 40 years shepherding in a dessert after fleeing Egypt. My BSF homework points out that 40 years alone in the dessert was required for God to prepare Moses for his calling. (BSF has all these legal restrictions on their publications so I am afraid to even quote from the study). The homework is so timely as it asks if the reader has recently lost his/her job due to an inability to work, and how it is a gift from God to use that time to get closer to Him in preparation for the next season in life. It goes on to say Paul spent 3 years after his conversion learning about God before starting useful activity.

What a wonderful reminder that even when we feel like we are not being productive, God is always working behind the scenes, preparing us for our next assignment. Use times of perceived stagnation to study Scripture, spending quality time with Jesus.

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wayfarerjon said...

Thank you for your reminder in this post. I have come to realize that probably the times in my life when life seems to stand still - or worse! - are the most important and productive spiritually. With my activity out of the way, God gets active!