Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bump Buffer

I had quite an emotional day yesterday! Here are some highlights:

Someone I highly esteem told me she was proud of me. (elated!)
Figured out I don’t have enough money to pay my overdue car payment and car insurance. (worry)
Heart-wrenching phone call from a relative. (sad, deeply hurt)
Email from small group leader asking how much my car insurance is, stating maybe the group can help me pay it so I can keep attending “Joy of Living”. (humbled)
Indication I was most likely approved for Disability, but could take 90 –120 days to get first check (thankful, yet concerned).
Accidently sent a mass email, which had personal information. (embarrassed).
Sent 5 query letters to publishers (content).
Within 90 minutes, received email response from publishing professional wanting to see more of my work so she can forward the material to publishers she knows (disbelief and excitement!)
Friend learned she does not have cancer (praise!).
Another friend informed me she may have had her license suspended because she did not pay her car insurance (sadness, worry about my license!)
Email from same publishing professional asking if I had an artist for my stories (surprised!)
Emailed professional more of my stories (hopeful).
Got to sleep without taking Xanax (successful).

You get the idea… As I studied Scripture this morning, it struck me how Jesus frequently told people to simply believe, and how prophecy will be fulfilled. Just like the disciples, Jesus has given us His Word… He has told us what will happen. The world will take us on emotional roller coasters but by believing God’s Word, we can resist being shaken and tossed around. Life is a bumpy adventure… let God’s Word buffer the bumps.

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