Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Lose Faith

“Oh, no! What are you going to do?” was the reaction of one of two friends who heard my latest setback. She started listing ‘what if’s’ including the worst case scenarios. The other friend, who knows details of my situation, kept quiet. She didn’t know what to say. She walked me back to the Worship Wing (to prevent repeating last week’s incident) and listened as I told her I felt like I was ruining my testimony, including the following:

*I am not working – which the Bible says if man does not work, he shall not eat.
*I am ‘sponging’ off of others, not taking case of myself.
*I keep taking, taking from others instead of giving, which is what Christianity is about.

My friend challenged me with some very good points, which I want to share because they are all related to my ultimate goal of glorifying God. According to this friend:

*I have survived more than 3 months without a job not because of anything I have done, rather because I belong to Jesus and he is taking care of me.
*(She said) the fact that I get up every day and write how God is working in my life demonstrates God’s provision.
*My situation is showing the importance of being part of a church family… My church family (aka other Christians) are the vessels in which God uses to keep me afloat.

So today is another day, facing another month of bills. Praise God, He has covered my COBRA, cell phone, food and rent for October! Now I am going to start selling books on, maybe even Ebay, and will be selling homemade Christmas cards (keep this in mind…). I believe I know what my next step needs to be, which is submit my writing and stop procrastinating… I will submit to 3 publishers today. When I am tempted to ‘put it off’, I will look at 3 things: a notice that my car insurance is being cancelled if I don’t sent payment immediately, a note from a friend saying she needs me, and a handwritten piece of paper which simply says, “We love you, Shelly”. Those things, along with the Power of Christ, keeps me going.

Email Responses:
This is encouraging, Shelly. So thankful for the way God provides for you and blesses your life. I know it isn't an easy one, but He uses it for His glory and purposes. I'll be praying for positive results with those writings you submit - really glad you're doing that!

I feel so bad that you are going thru such a mess still – seems so long & by now you should be all settled with that crap –

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