Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Checking In

Just in case you’re wondering… I’m hearing a lot from God during this sabbatical… things I don’t want to hear. Things like I need to limit my use of email/internet/Twitter… my preoccupation with communicating with others interferes with my communicating with Him. Also, I have an idol… self-image. (An idol is anything that comes between you and God- can be your family, kids, shopping, career, etc.) I worry so much about people not seeing me as disabled that it stops me from doing God’s will. As for moving, I know it is His will that I move to the place I looked at Saturday, but I still don’t know how it’s going to work financially, meaning the moving deposits. I probably will move next Thursday and Friday… depends on when I can get help. I called Social Security yesterday and they said they show that I am already getting disability payments. When I told him I wasn’t, he said I should know within a month… so I am thinking my file must be ready to start payment and am checking my bank account regularly for deposits. Finally, and this was totally unexpected, I have to stop watching Two and a Half Men and One Tree Hill, along with other shows with sexual overtones. I don’t know where that came from, but that’s what I feel Him telling me… when I ask why, He will likely say “because I said so!” so I won’t even ask, I’ll just obey.

I am finally scheduled to go to the pulmonologist Thursday – this is the appointment I made back in August… well, I have to call them because I am getting sick – earache, sore throat, congested, lethargic… and I don’t know if they can test my breathing when I am sick.

Last thing… still have insomnia… I think it may stop when I move into a different neighborhood. But I took my first Ambien Sunday, and as expected, I called Deanna and have no recollection of doing it. So if I call you and am talking, well, ‘funny’, I may be sleep-talking. Thanks for caring.

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