Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I will try to describe this with words but I know it was a ‘had to be there’ experience. Do you ever get the feeling you totally belong in an environment or setting? I don’t feel that way often, but I did this morning. It was in Bible Study Fellowship where one of the girls told how God told her to do something and she obeyed but her friends and family – even Christian ones- told her she was crazy. She said she’d rather not do what God had told her, but she knew she had to trust and obey Him.

That’s when I felt it… a kinship with her and the other women who shared similar experiences. Things they knew God was telling them yet no one else believed and/or supported them. I totally understood where they were coming from. My current situation, I don’t understand why God is allowing it to go on and on… enough is enough! If I stop and face the reality of my situation, I will go into a panic mode, Crohn’s attack, depression full speed ahead!

But I know Jesus is with me. I just know, without any question, that God is using this for good. I know that He is going to be glorified through this pain and suffering. That is all that matters. That is why I get up each day. That is what I pray for each night, for God to help me stay focused on what truly matters.

As my BSF leader said, God is faithful to overcome our weaknesses as we willingly stay in step with His plan. Focus on who God is and His power instead of the impossibility. Disappointments have to happen for the greater glory of God.

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