Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Lost $100

I lost $100. I was so excited to finally earn some money and I lost it. I tried denying how sick I am and went about my day as if everything was fine until people started returning my calls… calls I don’t remember making. Everything was foggy, like a dream, but I didn’t want to miss my Joy of Living class and I had a counseling client at noon. Maybe I just needed coffee… went to Starbucks, then called Deanna on my way to Northland. Things went downhill from there. Between my fever and medication, I was in bad shape. I don’t know how (well, yes I do) I made it all the way to Northland, but I am glad I was sick there… they took good care of me, just like family. I laid down for 3 hours with them taking turns checking on me. At 1:30, I finally made it home and am feeling physically worse yet my cloudiness is clearing.

I’m thankful I wasn’t able to see the client in the state I am in because I couldn’t have counseled him appropriately. This is like when I had to quit my job in June… I had to earn money, yet when I am sick, that trumps money. Just proves my plans are not His plans… Today reinforced my need to be closer to Northland. It’ll be so good to be a mile away. I just don’t know how I will move next week.

I guess I need to quit dwelling on losing $100 and focus on all the ways God is taking care of me. He will provide.

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