Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not What but Whom

Thanks to Rob, I can blog again!! My laptop has been out for few days but 10 minutes with Rob and the Mac is back!!

One of my friends is an atheist who teases me about going to church. Yesterday, she wanted to get together and I texted her that I was going to church. When she could not convince me to go out, she made a comment about being a heathen. I texted her the following:

If you go (to Northland) with me, I’ll go out with you. She (kidding) asked if she could bring her Zune. Sure. I bring my laptop! It’s a great way to meet people. I have never had so many friends, and it’s because of that church. She asked if she could wear a tight shirt. Yep… you can wear shorts… some people do. Now she got quiet and I sensed she was considering attending one day. These people are just like you… in fact, I am more conservative than a lot of them! They drink, cuss, etc. too. The only difference is they believe in God. She said they sounded like her family, who she does not get along with. That’s when I gave my grand finale’:
No, these people are caring, giving, loving… they’re amazing. It’s because of them I have survived since June without a paycheck. They have covered my bills while I wait on my disability, fixed my laptop, helped me move…

Initially, I felt like I was trying to bring her to church based on what she could get. And you know, I guess I was. I still am amazed at the kindness of my church family, and I still get suspicious, wondering why people are so nice to me. The generosity and unconditional love can only be explained one way… they want to be like Jesus. Otherwise, human nature is not wired to be so selfless. I know if my friend comes to Northland, it will take no time at all for her to see Christians are extra-ordinary. The contrast will be so dramatic, that hopefully, she’ll want to know what makes Christian’s so joyous, peaceful, loving, accepting and forgiving… That’s where Jesus comes in.
I’m not trying to bring her to church for what she can get… it’s Whom she can get that matters.

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