Monday, October 13, 2008

Poem- Trust

Not sure what You’re doing,
Afraid of what may come.
Don’t think that I’ll like it,
Don’t think it’ll be fun.

But I’ve been through doubt before,
I’ve followed you blindly, closely.
Knowing suffering leads to blessings,
I completely trust you… (mostly).

Just don’t let go of me,
Guide me through every turn.
And show me what I need to know,
Let me share the lessons learned.

I know You’re in control.
Nothing I need to fear.
Help me adjust to Your will,
And Lord, please keep me near.
-sw 10/13/08

1 comment:

wayfarerjon said...

What a beautiful poem, so real, honest, personal and reaching out to God in faith. So glad I saw this today.