Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This next week is going to be interesting… my car insurance is due to be canceled a week from today…

Somehow, I’m not worried. I have been praying about it, asking for God to only provide financial resources, yet He has been granting me other blessings. Michele connected me with someone who I may get to do dolphin research with – a long time dream of mine. I ran into a friend I reconnected with on Facebook after no contact for years. We had been trying to coordinate our schedules for weeks and I ran into her today dropping her kids off at Co-Op (Northland)! Finally, my legs were weakening walking down steps after my Joy of Living class. Of course, I was assuming the worst, that I would have another beach episode when I couldn’t walk… as I am concentrating on one step at a time, I ran into Vernon at the bottom of the stairs. Now, anyone who knows Vernon knows he is rarely ever alone since people seem to be drawn to him. I very rarely get his full attention face to face… Today, I did and I was so happy to see him, I forgot all about my legs weakening until 2 hours later when I was walking fine.

Most of the time, I am reluctant to give full control of my life to God. He has been blessing me beyond belief in ways I could never dream, so I am giving him the reins this week. Watch what He does!

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