Tuesday, November 4, 2008


When I went up to be anointed Sunday, Teresa walked with me so I could hold on to her arm. My feet felt like loads of cement as I struggled to lift the right foot, then left, then right. The congregation was asked to say the name of the person they were lifting up in prayer for healing. The sound of Teresa’s voice matched Rob’s lips, “Shelly”. Once the oil was on my forehead, I couldn’t feel my limbs. They weren’t numb, rather I truly could not sense them. It was so profound, I didn’t understand why that happened. Had my ‘old’ body been removed?

I read my devotional, Streams in the Dessert (thanks, Steve!), which mentioned palm trees. Brushing my teeth, I noticed for the first time, my soap dish and shower curtain have palm trees. I felt Him smiling at me, telling me He is all around me, He is holding me. As I took in His embrace, He revealed what had happened during the anointing:

I had to step out in obedience… He knew I would not go alone, so he placed Teresa and Rob there with me, praying for me. Once I had the faith to get out of my chair, and walked the unsteady path, it was when He anointed me through the elder that I no longer felt the heaviness of my limbs. Of course, He was carrying me!

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