Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's All Good!

I continue to pray this ‘change’ in me will not, well, change.

Much of my life is the same… my car is about to be repossessed, the ‘dream’ condo I was planning to move to has been rented to someone else, I continue feeling distanced by friends who have needed to step away from our friendship, my bills for November – including rent – have not been paid, etc.

But what is not the same is I have peace beyond understanding. I truly ‘let things go’ and not only am I not worried, I am so fulfilled by my relationship with Christ that the sense of loss I have felt is no longer there. Again, it is as if I got married, and now I know my husband will take care of me, my relationship with Him fulfills all the needs I have, including social. Guess you can say I have freedom in Christ… and it feels incredibly liberating.

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R.L.Scovens said...

I can SO understand what you're saying!!! My entire life, I've been one of those "worry warts" that went overboard anytime something went wrong...and trust me, that was OFTEN!! I stayed in a state of worry and panic!

I thank God for deliverance! Now when things go wrong, I KNOW God's got it and He sees what's happening...I also know He has NEVER let me down and He won't this time!!