Friday, December 19, 2008

Crohns Blessings

I use to only think of God when I went to bed and said my prayers. There was no communication between me and the Trinity… I just told God what I wanted. I take that back; the only other time I would go to God was when I was in a situation where I felt helpless, like when my boyfriend took me way back in the woods to go target shooting, and a lightning storm made my surroundings seem like a battle field. I prayed whole-heartedly… until I was out of the storm.

Now I continuously interact with Him, whether going through storms or blue sky, sunny days. For the most part. I am able to lay my concerns at His feet and focus on His blessings. It has taken years for Him to develop this part of my character.

I choose to praise Him through my sufferings. Last night started the worse Crohns attack I’ve had since college. I have blood in my stools, fresh blood, which is when mom use to take me to the doctor when I lived at home, and I would be admitted to the hospital. Seeing the blood initially upset me, thinking “I just get a grip on the depression, now this!” I stopped, and refocused my perspective – thank God I have COBRA! It would be horrible if I were this sick and did not have the option of getting medical treatment. God is so good to cover ALL my needs, financial, social, psychological, and medical. I have no need to worry knowing He’s got me covered.

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