Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I swallow gum every time I chew it.
2. I quit my job in June 2008, yet am (for the most part), paid up on my bills.
3. I was a vegetarian in college and plan to go back to not eating meat.
4. When it comes to my writing, I am a perfectionist.
5. I don't understand why my friends are soooo good to me, especially people from my church.
6. My best friends are male, and I have twice as many male friends than female friends.
7. I'd love to be a secluded monk/nun somewhere in the mountains, away from people.
8. I LOVE golden retrievers.
9. I am proud to be a FSU alumni.
10. People think I am 'religious', when I'm not. I just have an intimate relationship with Jesus.
11. I could be an agoraphobic recluse.
12. Emily Dickinson is someone I'd love to know.
13. My 'ideal' men are Keanu Reeves, Matt Lauer, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.
14. I STILL get homesick for Tallahassee.
15. I worked at the Osceola Courthouse as a Deputy Clerk for 5 years.
16. I was on MTV - in the Tiffany video "I Think We're Alone Now".
17. I HATE talking on the phone and rarely do so.
18. I have a love/hate relationship with MAC.
19. I think I am having a mid-life crisis and am counting down to my 40th birthday this year.
20. I grew up on boats and I really miss boating.
21. Sometimes I really want to be married... but it doesn't last long.
22. I can type faster than the general population.
23. I dated a guy who was on America's Most Wanted (didn't know at the time).
24. I LOVE my niece in a way I have never loved before.
25. I was engaged to a man I dated 5 yrs and called off the wedding to go to college.

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