Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Facebook People

Just because we were friends in high school, that was 20 years ago, I am a different person now, and hopefully you are too. Please do not ask me for my phone number. I don't even talk to my current friends on the phone, but how would you know that when we haven't communicated in 20 years?

Don't take it personally. I am not who I was in high school. It is good to hear from you, but 'picking up where we left off' is not as easy as it sounds.


Shane Vander Hart said...

That is so true, I recently received a phone call from a guy I hadn't seen or heard from in over 20 years. It was strange. We ended up meeting for coffee and it was good to catch up, but that phone call took me off guard.

Shelly said...

I agree... a different friend and I have connected after 20 yrs and it's been great! But most of the others, I just have no interest, which is why I did not go to my 20th High School Reunion!

Glad I am not alone in this,