Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Believe it or not, I am having trouble coming up with something to blog about today. Having a lot of deep, personal thoughts that are not coherent enough to share… so let me just tell what I have learned in BSF and my Beth Moore study:

Throughout Exodus (actually the entire Bible), God repeatedly says something will happen so that “you will know I am God” or “that they will know that I am God.” He really emphasizes wanting people to know Him, so if we are living for God, I am thinking I need to be more purposeful in making Him known.

The second revelation is more of a conviction. I tend to ‘bundle’ my prayers, such as ‘forgive me for my sins’ or ‘God, watch over Mark, Jacqueline, Manda, and Alex…”. As I have been dissecting Exodus and Leviticus, I realize God is into details. He detailed exact measurements for building the temple, and specific animal sacrifices for certain sins… I am realizing I need to be more specific in my prayers to Him, naming my sins such as pride, gluttony, etc.. After all, since He knows the exact number of hairs on our head, I think it is safe to say He likes details.

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