Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guidance, Grace, and Guts

The end of another month, meaning bills are due again/still. Faith is a constant pursuit. Sometimes hourly, I must pray God for the courage to focus on today and not ‘how am I going to survive this month?’ The enemy tries convincing me my ‘honeymoon’ is over, time for reality to strike. I refuse to believe him.

A friend of mine has gone from a perfect credit score with 401K, retirements, financial cushion… the American dream, to now she has no retirement, no 401k, unemployed, losing her house, and currently has 2 strangers from Craigslist renting rooms in her house.

I reminded her how hopeless my situation once was, $150,000 student loans with interest quickly accruing, no income, etc.. I reminded her how, at least for today, I still have a car, roof over my head, food to eat, COBRA… PLUS my student loans will be waived due to being on total Disability… never mind not fighting severe depression for the first time since middle school!

The moral of the blog entry – Focus on what you can do today!! Ask God for guidance, grace, and guts, and DO IT. Keep pressing on.

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