Saturday, January 17, 2009

$$$$$$$$ Lacking

I read this morning how California ran out of money so they are cutting Social Security payments to millions (?) of blind and disabled people. Now that is bad! My unemployment and food stamps stopped, putting me in this situation. I have a deal with the car loan people, if I can’t make a payment by Feb. 3rd, we will discuss them coming to get my car. Driving isn’t a priority anymore. My electric will be shut off if I don't pay by 1/27.

What IS a priority is renewing my mental health license before it expires 3/31 so I can get back into counseling clients. I have a whole new range of experiences, which will allow me to be a better counselor than I have ever been! Plus, Jesus comes to MY house, so not being able to drive gives me more time alone with Him… not a bad deal, eh?

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