Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not a Sloth

A friend and I were discussing the 7 deadly sins, specifically ‘sloth’. Slothfulness is something I battle with, for a variety of reasons. Either I am clinically depressed, preoccupied with finances, lacking time, whatever – I always have an excuse for not getting my writing out to publishers. God has aligned my current life so I now have everything I need to focus on my writing. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better situation than what He has placed me in.

For me to already be receiving my disability checks after applying just 6 months ago is unheard of. I checked and the average waiting time for the application process is over 900 days! That’s why I did not get a huge initial payment… because I didn’t have to wait long. The whole situation shines with the hand of God… there’s no other explanation.

I have no more excuses for being a sloth. It’s so easy to reflect on the time ‘wasted’ by excuses. I mean what if I send Dillon the Dolphin to 2 more publishers and am offered a huge book deal? I’ll kick myself for not doing this 10 years ago!

Yet my friend reminded me of God’s timing. My friend pointed out I have been working on my relationship with Jesus, which is true as I am closer to Him than ever before in my life. Looking at it from that perspective, the past 6 months have been wisely invested… definitely not ‘wasted’. I’m so thankful for that revelation.

Don’t let the enemy hold the past over your head. Don’t let him convince you your life cannot change because of the times you’ve tried and failed before. Don’t gauge your current abilities by past attempts.

It’s all in God’s timing. You can do nothing on your own anyway. When it’s right, His power will move mountains.

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