Friday, January 23, 2009

Poem-Downs Syndrome

There are things in our bodies that we can’t see,
Where most have two, I have three.
“Chromosome’s” a word that’s hard to say,
for the things that make us a certain way.

It’s hard to tell why I have more,
I’m not real sure what the extra’s for.
My body’s make up is really tight,
Guess God wanted my identity to be just right.

It’s not so bad being different than others,
‘cause my parents love me, so do my brothers.
They know I have feelings and tears when I cry,
And they cheer me along in whatever I try.

I’m a really neat kid, one of the neatest around,
I just happen to have a syndrome called “Down’s”.
I want friends to run with, to play and to share,
Who like me for me – that is my prayer.

written by Shelly Weiss
from Dillon the Dolphin series

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