Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Poem- Our Promise

Our Promise
Oh the pain caused by one little sign,
Breaking to pieces this poor heart of mine.
I thought he’d always be as close as a call,
Never considered he may not be there at all.
Unconventional – we were, but love all the same.
Forbidden – we were, but never gave us a name.
Didn’t need labels, or to be ‘boxed in’.
Didn’t want to be told our love was a sin.
He was just what I needed, God surely knew.
He made me so happy, God’d surely approve.
All was so perfect between him and I,
We promised to love ‘til the day we did die.
I loved him and I am in love with him still,
Five years we were strong, no heartache until…
He told me I’d changed, I was all about ‘church’,
He wasn’t liking the path which I’d started to search.
I knew by his face, his heart-wrenching stare,
I knew things were different, yet I wasn’t aware…
The day he drove off with watery eyes,
He had made his decision when we said our good-byes.
He meant it forever, he meant we were through,
And he meant when he said, “I’’ll ALWAYS love you.”
The months, they passed by, turning into a year,
Though we hadn’t spoken, I assumed he was near.
Til I tried to reach him, he disconnected his phone…
To feel close again, I drove by his home.
There in the yard was a sign ... “For Rent”…
I was gasping for air, I knew what it meant.
Tears blurred my vision, my stomach grew tight,
Oh, God, how this hurts, even though it was right.
A new day has dawned, he’s no longer nearby,
Still, I’m keeping my promise, ‘til the day that I die.

Written by Shelly Weiss

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