Sunday, January 18, 2009

Signs You Might Have Cerebral Palsy

You Might Have Cerebral Palsy…
Here are some signs you might have CP:
1. People think it’s a crank call when you make professional phone calls.
2. Everyone knows which soda can is yours by the dent made due to your proprioception.
3. Speaking of proprioception, eating hard tacos without breaking the shell is impossible.
4. Your friends ask you not to teach their kid how to say ‘car’ because the kid talks like you.
5. People can find you by the trail of coffee dumped en route to your final destination.
6. Drive-thru cashiers always ask you to pull up to the window to give your order.
7. Strangers look like they are missing something when everyone of your friends understand you but them.
8. First time passengers hold on with white knuckles when riding in your car.
9. You never have to identify yourself when calling the pharmacy. They know it’s you at the first syllable.
10. People thank your friends for ‘taking you out’, mistaking them for your care attendant.
11. When you are with other people having disabilities, you are asked if it is “Social Day” at the group home.

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Tim McGhee said...

You've always had a good sense of humor, Shelly. :)

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