Tuesday, February 24, 2009

39 and 1/2

I am 39 ½ today. Six months until I’m forty.
Forty is old.
Forty is for people who have children in high school. Forty year old’s are established in their dream homes, at the top of the ladder in their career, vacation a few times per year, and have finally began to see the rewards of their hard work in college & entry level jobs.

This is the least successful period of my life. I once excelled in college, climbed the ladder in private practice, became ‘the expert’ in disability issues… but that was then.

I’m not who I want to be,
No strength to become.
This life needs more for me,
I was created to be someone.

I sat in the sunlight for hours,
Searching for answers from above.
Unknown territory lies ahead,
Why can’t I know Christ is enough?

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