Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Positive Pessimism

While chatting about the recent events in my life, my friend said, “Hopefully, things will get better now...” My immediate response was “I doubt it. I just read that the storms come AFTER the blessings...” He probably thought I was being pessimistic... then again, maybe not since he knows me so well. But a casual acquaintance, especially a nonbeliever, wouldn’t understand my acceptance of trials and tribulations. I have seen how hard times mold my character, and finally realize pain is needed for growth. I don’t want to stop growing, thus, I can’t expect the adversities to stop.

Outsiders do not understand my way of living. I am always being told what I need to do, how I should change, when I don’t want to change in certain areas. As followers of my blog have seen, a week in my life has more cliff-hangers than an Agatha Christie novel. My faith becomes increasingly stronger, leading to a deeper hunger for God and His Word. Just as newlyweds want to spend every waking moment together, I feel the same about my need to be with Jesus.

Francis De Sales describes this better than I can:
Now devotion is true spiritual sugar for it removes bitterness from discipline, and anything harmful from our consolation. From the poor, it takes away discontent, care from the rich, grief from the oppressed, pride from the exalted, melancholy from the solitary, and fracturedness from those who live in society.

It serves with equal benefits as fire in the winter and dew in the summer. It knows how to use prosperity and how to endure want. It makes both honor and contempt useful to us. It accepts pleasure and pain with a heart that is nearly always the same, and it fills us with a marvelous sweetness

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