Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My life could make an atheist believe! Too many ‘miracles’ happen for there to be any explanation other than God.

I have to get my writing out there. Last night, I did not sleep well at all. I even rolled out of bed! That reinforces my thought that I may have a fear of success. Not only are my bills taken care of for another month, I have the money to take my licensure classes online, which I am already LOVING – feeling productive again.

I am not allowing myself to do anything/go anywhere (not even BSF – sorry Marcia!) – although I am tempted by free breakfast at Denny’s – except submit my writing. I’m pumped. I’m ready! I want to tell THE WORLD how AMAZING God is!

On a side note, I see my faith is constantly being tested… late yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call informing me I would have to pay back all the unemployment funds I received (approx. $9,000). I’m not worried… I know God is in control. This is just another tactic from the enemy, trying to prevent me from glorifying God through my writing… well, it ain’t gonna happen, Buster! There’s no stopping me now!

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