Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Can Write Again!

I can write again! My penmanship has been unreadable since I had my Xanax incident. Writing and reading are my life! I always have colored pens, a notebook and my Bible with me. I’ve been truly devastated at my inability to do either one. A neuropsychologist friend of mine explained what is happening in my brain. Xanax slows everything down and since I have cerebral palsy, my brain wiring is incredibly sluggish right now. He told me I need to let my brain rest – watch funny TV shows, day dream, whatever, but avoid intense conversations, don’t drive, etc. Evidently, what I do the next several weeks will determine whether I have a full recovery.

So what do I do, laying in bed all day? I talk to Jesus, guilt-free… turn my phone and internet off, lay there for hours and converse with Him. You know, it’s nice to be free to be with Him… and I think He likes it too.

One prayer request: My Crohn’s Disease is acting up, so I have been dealing with gastro-intestinal problems too.

And a praise request: unbeknownst to me, 2 people from Facebook got together, found out what electric company I have, AND PAID MY ELECTRIC BILL! Thank you, Jesus… Thanks you.

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