Friday, March 27, 2009

Not So Good

Not doing so good. I get lost when driving, can’t find my way home.

All the problems I had before I went into the hospital, I have them plus more. End of the month, bills are due again. Social Security sent me a letter back in December saying they were holding April and May’s payment to me because of an overpayment back in college. I sent a letter appealing their letter a couple months ago but haven’t heard back. We’ll see if I get a check 4/2. My bank called, telling me I need to bring my account out of negative $600, to which I assured them a deposit would be made by Social Security on 4/2. My electric will be shutoff if I don’t pay by 4/3. Not sure about other bills. My account is negative because I HAD to pay COBRA. Then I told the bank my church would be sending a check for my car payment. Things were delayed so the bank tried taking payment for my car out of MY bank account a couple times, racking up $100 worth of bank fees.

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