Friday, March 20, 2009


I am going to see my doctor today at 11:30. I am doing better with long term memory, but much worse with short term memory. Yesterday, I argued with Don about where Steak and Shake was. I thought he was messing with my mind because he was teasing me, saying, “When did you get a new car?” (I was in my same car) and I teased back, “Who are you? And how did you get in my car?” When he made what I thought was a wrong turn, I told him to stop messing with me and it wasn’t funny anymore. I insisted Steak and Shake was behind us as he drove right to Steak and Shake. I was confused, thinking of Chick Fila. Things like that make me think I am losing my mind.

Ann is taking good care of me. I went to my church to volunteer and Ann went with me. I kept telling her things I had just told her an hour before. I was frustrated at that and she assured me it was okay. The memory loss will get better. As we walked to our cars, Ann told me as long as I stay connected at my church and don’t isolate, I will be fine. They are so good to me at Northland. I love that place.

People on Facebook are helping me too, a lot of supportive comments. I’ve lost 2 friendships over this, but gained so many more. My mom and I talk several times a day now. We use to talk once every other month. Yesterday, she explained what the Xanax had done to me and my brain. She has been against me taking Xanax for the past 10 years yet did not say “I told you so!” at all. She has been so supportive through this.

All this will be another part of my testimony… another way God carries me. I asked Him a week ago to do whatever He had to do to help me remember I can do nothing without His power. He definitely has answered my prayer.

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