Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I pray to ask God for things I believe need. He has been using prayer to tell me what I actually need.
My BSF leader asked for my prayer request – here is what I told her: discernment; I signed up for 3 Bible studies and it feels like too much, yet I feel guilty when my close friends are heavily active and I basically stay home all day. My leader’s summary to our group: Pray for Shelly to know how God wants her to use her time.
Then the leader of my Beth Moore study and I had the following email correspondence:
Her: We missed you today at bible study. Me: Not sure I will stay in the class... I am in 2 other Bible Studies and it is too much. Her comment on the group’s prayer list: Shelly – praise – she has three bible studies to choose from! Pray for discernment as to where she should be spending her time right now. (we hope to see you back Shelly!)
This morning I read from Pastor Joel Hunter’s newest book, Inner State 80, how our ambition should be not to run around trying to get things done. Rather we should strive to ‘live a life that is quietly meaningful and productive…’
I think I know what God wants me to pray for.

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