Monday, November 2, 2009

Chapter 1 - Perspectives

Nanowrimo 2009

Taylor reminded herself she didn’t have to do this alone. She had a strong faith, believing in a Source most people considered outlandish. But ‘outlandish' was a compliment in Taylor’s eves as she went out of her way to circumvent the beaten path taken by the majority. She’d rather swim upstream than passively float the mainstream. People are too difficult and needed to be distanced for her to maintain any sense of sanity. Deep down, she knew it was impossible to fulfill her life purpose of encouraging others if she remained a hermit thriving in solitude. That’s where her writing comes in.

Writing had been her means of coping since 3rd grade when Mrs. Salt had taught her to write cursive. In 4th grade, all she wanted for Christmas was an electric typewriter. She got one – in fact, it was tucked away in her office closet. Maybe someday, it would be worth a lot of money. Maybe someday, she would be a successful, published author. That is, if she ever actually finished a task such as marketing her numerous articles, poetry, blogs, etc. Even as a loner, Taylor found herself easily distracted. She simply found her imagination more appealing than reality, so she became more of a ‘visitor’ to society, and a permanent dweller in the remoteness of her mind.

Maybe that’s why she felt so close to Jesus. He was always with her so she rarely wanted the company of another. He was her Rock and she truly could do or be nothing without the power of God. She worshiped Him in the quiet, pre-dawn hours, feeling no mandated reason to be in church every time the doors opened. She did her ‘giving back’ and serving through her writing.

Speaking of writing, she needed to focus on getting some type (pun intended) of organized meaning on paper. She was wasting precious time thinking of ‘what could be’. It was time she set her dreams into goals.
What was she thinking?! Kate did not have time to figure out scheduling conflicts. She was booked to appear on New York Today at 1pm – the same time as her luncheon for the upcoming charity event. Zooming out to view her monthly appointments gave her a sense of purpose, accomplishment, satisfaction; it was the current week view that frustrated her. There was never enough time to accomplish all she needed to do. Hell, she barely had time to think! Somehow, not having time to think made her the woman she is today.

She had seen too many people miss opportunities because of their emotions. Too many girl friends threw their careers in the pooper because of marriages to men who never came home at night. “But I love him…” they would claim as they repeatedly called at all hours of the night for her support. Of course, she’d always support her best friends. And Kate, of all people, knew the pain caused by loving a man. She left Sidney after the kids moved out, yet she still worried about him, even loved him, after all the shit he had put her through.

“Brandy? Can you come here real quick?” Kate called out when she heard her assistant laughing outside her office. Brandy appeared before Kate with her iPhone, ready for instructions. “Hun, I am flying to New York in the morning and I see you penciled in the luncheon… call Teresa and tell her I am unable to attend but of course, I will make up for my absence in a generous donation. Anything for animal rights, you know.”

“Yes, Ms. Kate. I’ll take care of it,” Brandy slightly bowed before turning to leave.
“Brandy? Did you just bow? How many times have I told you…”
“Sorry, Ms. Kate. Did it without thinking… respect and all.”

Brandy admired Kate, as did most people. Men wanted her, women wanted to be her, yet everyone respected her. Kate made sure of it.
Rachel carried her Forever 21 bag under her arm while retrieving the Bible from her purse. Her best friend, Brian, was challenging her claims of God will bring her husband into her life without requiring any effort from Rachel. She quoted Phillipians 4:19: And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

“But you don’t need a boyfriend! That says ‘needs’”. Brian sometimes wondered how he could be friends with such a religious freak like Rachel. How could she believe in something unseen? And that Bible she was always quoting from! How could Rachel use some book as some type of a definitive crystal ball?

Brian met Rachel 3 years ago at a community beautification event where he was required to help pick up trash in local parks. Everyone believed he was volunteering out of the goodness of his heart, not knowing it was a stipulation to his maintaining a clean record. Of course, Rachel had no idea Brian had been involved in criminal activity and Brian intended to keep her in the dark, which shouldn’t be a problem since she was so naïve. He also would never let on how he was using Rachel to get his parents off his back. After months of his mother nagging him about finding a sweet girl to date exclusively, Brian claimed he was dating Rachel, and befriended her so she would join him for occasional family dinners. Brian reminded himself of his scheme whenever he was tempted to tell Rachel she was a complete lunatic.

“Oh, Brian… you know God wants all women to marry. I need a husband, God provides for our needs. Who knows, maybe God brought us together to meet each other’s need for a spouse! Wouldn’t that be just like God?”

Rachel knew Brian had a crush on her even if he never asked her on an official date. Why else would he invite her to family functions? His mom treated her as if she and Brian were an exclusive couple, which led Rachel to assume Brian had told his mom of his feelings, yet was too shy to admit his crush to Rachel.

Spending three hours with Rachel was nerve-wracking enough, but having to listen to her claims that God wanted them to marry, that was the final straw! Brian opened the passenger door to his sports car as Rachel tossed her new outfit in the backseat and sat in the front. Brian shut her door as she obediently latched her seatbelt. She tucked her Bible back into her purse as Brian got in and started the engine.

“I just realized how late it is, Rachel, so how about I drop you off real quick?”
Rachel grinned as she looked out her window. “Sure… so you don’t deny the possibility?”
“Huh? What possibility?” Brian wondered how long he had tuned out her voice.
“The possibility God put us together for marriage? Wouldn’t that be just like God?”
Brian refrained from laughing at her stupidity, “Sure… just like God…”


Twyla W said...

Very nice start of what looks like an excellent novel. Where's chapter 2?

Twyla W said...

Nice - I really like it. Where's Chapter 2?

Cathy said...

Great start.. I can't wait to read Chapter 2....Keep up the great job. As I said, I knew you could do it...