Sunday, November 22, 2009


Rachel tapped her foot to the tone sound on the speaker phone. “You’ll see, Rachel… you’ll see we are boyfriend and girlfriend!”

Hey, this is Brian, you know what to do at the beep! Chow!

Rachel hung up the phone without leaving a message. She was too mad at Misty to let Brian know her reason for calling. Why didn’t her own friend believe she was Brian’s girlfriend? Misty was just jealous! That’s it… she wasn’t happy without a boyfriend so she hated to see Rachel happy.

“Look, Rach… let’s drop it, okay? I don’t need to hear Brian confirm your relationship. If you say you’re together, that’s enough for me. Alright?” Misty gave her friend a hug and gathered her books from the kitchen table. “I gotta run to study for my biopsychology exam. It’s gonna be an all-nighter for me! ”

Rachel mumbled goodbye without as much as a glance in her friend’s direction. She called Brian again but this time, she left him a voicemail asking him to call her as soon as he got her message. They had something serious to talk about.

She sat down to work on a project for her Elementary Education Today class, gathering art supplies to design a mock classroom, which would be conducive to fourth grade learning. It was her third year at University and while most of her peers had moved off campus, she felt safer living in a dorm. The downside was the noise – students partying late into the wee hours of the morning made a good night’s sleep impossible! But she didn’t complain because every time she said anything, she was teased for living on campus with all the ‘baby freshmen’.

Now what would a fourth grader be interested in? Rachel’s mind started to wander. What is Brian interested in? I know he likes me. He jus has to!! God, please make Brian like me… please?!

Meanwhile, Brian was on his way to the Delta Delta Delta gala when he listened to his voicemail. Three messages. The first message was from his buddy, Skip, telling him he found a keg for tomorrow night’s party. Cool, Brian thought. He needed a night to let loose after spending the day with Rachel. Second message was none other than Rachel. Speak of the devil… or saint! Serious? She needed to talk about something ‘serious’? What, did she overhear someone use profanity? This girl is too much! I ain’t calling her back! Last message was from his mother. His probation officer needed to meet with him. It seems the University found out about Brian’s charges, and they were intending to expel him from school.

Chapter 4
Taylor ignored Sommer’s question and hurried in to the theater, thankful she purchased the tickets online. She just wanted to get in the dark theater, movie rolling so loud that she could process what had just happened. Thankfully, Sommer didn’t press her for details as she was preoccupied with making sure her popcorn had extra butter. By the time the two sat down, the movie had started. Just as Taylor let out a sigh of relief, her iPhone vibrated with a text.

I will call you to catch up. – Love still, Ben

The next two hours of the movie, Taylor recalled the way her life was when she dated Ben. The romance, the excitement, the love… every day was a new adventure! He introduced her to things she never knew existed, including feelings she never before had felt. Ben had made he very happy… happier than she had ever been. She loved him, and he loved her… like it was suppose to be… except it was wrong in the deepest sense.

But hey, no one was perfect, right? Everyone has their vices, their weaknesses, their strongholds. This was one area of her life where she knew she needed to change. But Ben convinced her it wasn’t as wrong as she made it out to be. “Why do you have to define everything, Taylor? Why must you try to put what we have in a box? Just enjoy…” he had told her every time she tried to break off the relationship. And it worked every time.

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