Friday, November 13, 2009


Overwhelming feelings of lack of writing ability. Paralyzed by it. Been in bed the past 36 hrs. Hoping one of these times, I will wake up "fixed". 4;42pm - going to sleep again. Maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up fixed this time. 
Stagnation stinks. 

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Twyla W said...

I am thinking about the obedience that we talked about this morning, but I want to add one thing. Please don't forget that the talent comes from God. There is no doubt that you have a gift from God and I know you know that. Anytime there is talent, there will be criticism. In that book The Last Lecture, he talks about when the coaches were hard on him that someone told him it was because they knew he could do better. When you have a problem is when everyone stops criticizing because then it means you've reached the end of your abilities. I assume in your case a lot of the criticism is internal, but the same thing is true, remember it is BECAUSE you have talent that you have criticism.