Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sheepy Sleepy

Depression is back, my brain's out of whack,
Life is taking more energy than I've got. 
The holidays are here, along with good cheer,
But me, I'm sleeping a lot. 

Went to bed at one, finally rose with the sun,
Head dizzy from 14 hours of sleep. 
This is no way to live, so much I should give,
But for now, I am counting more sheep


Carol said...

count those sheep, baby. tomorrow is another day...and your poetry is terrific, even when you feel yuk.

ha, the word I need to type for word verification is "barium". what does that tell ya???


dazsdntell said...

I'm drinking from a coffee cup that says:

My Wish For You...
Laughter & happiness for every day,
Priceless advice that helps guide your way,
A companion that is genuine, kind and true,
Knowing that they'll always be there for you,
This is my wish for you.

I read your poem, then read my cup. It made me think of you. :)

Love you!!