Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Addy Escapes

After finishing writing yesterday morning, I called the cats in from the back screened in patio so I could get to BSF. Zoey came in alone – no Addy. I figured she must be in the house and called her from the kitchen. Addy came running –from outside the torn screened door!

Anyone who knows me knows those 2 cats are my world. When I told Cathy, she was stunned because she realizes how ‘crazy’ I get about them. “Did you find her? Are you okay?” Her validation that this was a HUGE deal comforted me as she validated my distress.

Addy had green sticky leaves stuck to her along with a dirty face. I paused to thank God she was okay, then I started yelling. Addy laid on the floor, acting like she had been there all the time. I found a wound – sort of like a cut- between her shoulder blades.

What if a snake bit her? What if she gets rabies? What if she gets sick, and then gets Zoey sick?

The possibilities rushed through my head.

I thought of the similarities between Addy and myself. Just like Addy, I try to sneak away from God’s plan to explore the unknown. I mean no harm, and may even innocently lose track of my surroundings, ending up in a danger zone. When God calls my name, I try to run back to him, acting like I had been by his side the whole time. He convicts me, then forgives me and loves me… just as I did with Addy.

But there are consequences. Unconditional love does not remove consequences. I will remember this the next time I am tempted to wander off God’s path—yes, He will forgive me and take me back, but my actions have consequences… not just on my life, but on those around me.


Shelly said...

Hi Shelly. It's Kristi (from BSF).
I am learning with you in the analogy you gave with you/your kitty and God/you. Thanks for giving me your blog. I will look forward to reading it. I am hoping your day will be contented and beautiful everywhere you are. <3

Adele said...

Yes, I too have been burned by an "innocent" trip away from God's will. Usually it's because I've forgotten to ask for direction, just forging ahead with my ideas, with what makes sense to me. Experienced this big time last summer when planning our summer vacation. Thankfully God convicted me, too late to change the plans, but He did bless our time away. I'm not making the same mistake this year (at least with summer vacation!)