Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lessons from BSF

BSF really is hitting home for me as we study the trials and crucifixion of Jesus. Two lessons are convicting me:

  1. There comes a point when God is silent because He has already spoken to us about an issue, and we harden our hearts to Him. I learned Jesus was silent when King Herod and Pilate were questioning Him because they had rejected Him so many times. They had passed the point of no return by refusing to accept what God had made clear to them. In 1993, I prayed God would help me find a publisher and allow me to live comfortably off my writing income. He made it clear I needed to aggressively market myself and get my writing out there. I had the material, I just failed to query the market. I was waiting for a publisher to knock on my door and say, “Excuse me… do you have a book I can publish?” I was shown yesterday through God’s silence I am still waiting for the knock. God told me what to do in 1993… I never did it. I can just imagine Him saying, “My dear child… talking to you is like trying to talk to a brick wall!”
  2. While being crucified, Jesus refused to drink the wine mixed with gall because it had a sedative component which would have dulled the sensitivity of his pain. According to the BSF notes and lecture, Jesus wanted to stay alert to fully experience the work His Father sent him to do. Wow. Put this in my terms, Jesus would’ve refused Xanax to escape discomfort. I want to be like Jesus, and this shows me where I need to be fervently praying.

You know, I tell Jesus how hard it is to live by faith, how it’s not easy to ‘just believe’ when my circumstances seem impossible. He does all the work, and asks us only to trust and obey. During my small group yesterday, I realized how little credit I give Him for orchestrating ‘all the work’. It’s one of the great things about being a kid- your parents are suppose to take care of the ‘serious’ stuff such as food, clothing, shelter, safety. You just have to go by their rules.

Our Heavenly Father asks the same from us… just trust Him and do as He says. That’s all… He’ll handle the hard stuff. The great thing about this deal is He always has our best interest at heart. When I look at it THAT way, trusting and obeying doesn't seem so bad, especially since He has promised to even help us trust and obey.

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Shelly said...

From Adele:
I needed to hear your words on trust this morning. Headed now to the doctor with my younger one assured that God has the best for her already planned out. Thank you Shelly!!!