Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trust Him With NOW

Shelly, you’re not fooling anyone… you’ve been ‘writing a book’ since middle school. Thirty years have come and gone with only one book published, a few articles in national magazines, and a handful of technical papers here and there. You have done nothing, NOTHING the past two years. Why do you keep claiming you’re going to be financially comfortable as a freelance writer? If you were THAT good, someone would’ve discovered you by now. Just forget writing.

Discouragement seeped into my bones. It was all true.

I am no longer paralyzed by my depression, still I am not ready to go back into private practice… not until I get my addiction under control. So all I have is my writing. In the silence of the night, I confessed I don’t believe it is possible for me to change my patterns enough to get another freelancing gig. I told God I know he performs miracles in my life daily, I know His ways are far beyond my wildest thoughts… but I also know myself. Nothing is going to change.

Then I watched this video – Before The Morning.

Then I watched the story behind the video, how a couple was told to have an abortion because the baby wouldn’t survive, and the wife said something about, “If we trust God with our eternity, shouldn’t we trust Him with our present?”

I felt a bit of hope… actually, a lot of hope. Yet I thought that was God’s message to THEM, not to me.

Within hours, I received the following email from my BSF leader (who gave me permission to blog about this). I got chills. God made it clear… trust Him with the NOW. Trust Him with it ALL.

I looked in my word study notes and found the scripture that gave me
this revelation:
If I trust God for my eternal salvation, why would I not trust him with
See Isaiah 12:2


Adele said...

Wow - I never really listened to the words to Before the Morning. It could have been the anthem for the sermon I heard this morning - "It matters where you start". Christians choose to start to start at the end. Amen.

Kristi Klein said...

He's telling you He has your back Shelly. <3